Services Of Real Estate Agents

Many people assume that agents just want to make a sale, regardless of the consequences. This is a myth as realtors ,are governed by a strict code of ethics. Answer this question: If an agent kept showing you properties that were not meeting your buying criteria would you become annoyed? Would you do business with that agent in the future? Repeat business is a realtor’s bread and butter, and as such most will take to heart your interests alone.

You should conduct interviews with several prospective realtors and compare their methods on these important levels: Does the agent listen to your question in its entirety, or interrupt; Is the agent happy to answer all your questions; Does the agent have 1 memorized answers or appear to consider the exact nature of your question;

Real estate agents provide services in listing properties and making that information available to buyers through various methods. No methods are guaranteed unless specifically contracted. Should you get those methods in writing? It may not be necessary, once you have seen the agent’s advertising system in local media, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a written guarantee of some sort. If the agent is uncomfortable doing so, this might be a warning sign. The agent will ask you to sign a contract, so you can include additional terms on that same contract.

Agents also provide services in locating and showing properties that meet your criteria. When you decide to buy, or someone has written an offer on your property the agent will represent you in your negotiation. It is extremely important that you feel you can trust your agent at this most important level of service. You may be living with the outcome of your negotiation for years.